Gulen Dive Resort

Gulen Dive Resort

Welcome to one of Norway's best diving destinations! Gulen Dive Resort is located at the entrance to one of the world's most spectacular fjords, and travel destination.

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Fjord Norway is a great, world-class diving spot. You will find a rich wildlife, exciting diving terrain and a great number of wrecks. Gulen and Nordmøre are diving spots for international divers. Several diving centres are available in cities such as Stavanger, Bergen and Kristiansund.

Every year divers from all over the world travel to the coast of Fjord Norway to explore what is referred to as a world-class diving area. The combination of rich marine life, exciting underwater landscapes and a huge number of wrecks makes for an unforgettable diving holiday. Do not be afraid that the water temperatures are too low: thanks to the Gulf stream, the water temperatures in Norway can be compared to those way further south in Europe especially in the cold season.

There are well-run and dedicated diving resorts in the region, for example Gulen Diving Centre and Strømsholmen Sea sport centre, where you can do guided diving. The different diving centres in the region have a wide range of packages, including 6 day Orca Safaris (dive with the whales!) and wreck-diving on ships from World War 2.

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Daily diving trips from the Atlantic Road

Strømsholmen Seasportcenter is beautifully located at the Atlantic Road and has operated professional diving since 1981. Divers from all over the world can...

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Diving trips - Sveggvika

The coast of Nordmøre has some of the world's most beautiful diving spots for year-round diving. In particular, Hustadvika has areas with many interesting...

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Fjord Cruise Adventure

Fjord Cruise Adventure offers exclusive boat based adventure charters along the coast of Norway. Their boat, the Gåssten, is one of the last wooden warships...

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Gulen Dive Resort

Visit the fjords and the area around Gulen. Activities include scuba diving, eagle watching, lighthouse safaris, island jumping or fjordtours with fishing.

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PADI OWD Diving course

PADI OWD (Open Water Dive) - Get certification! For those wanting to learn how to dive, go on new adventures or just see the strange world below the waves....

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The lake Lyngstøylvatnet

The lake known as Lygnstøylvatnet in the valley of Norangsdal was formed by a rock fall from Keipen in 1908. Beneath the waters of the lake, you can still see...

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