A 360 bird's eye view of Fjord Norway

Experience a 360 bird's eye view of Fjord Norway! 360 panoramic pictures let you see the region as you have never seen it before. Fjord landscape in the summer sun, the dramatic Troll wall, the UNESCO fjords Nærøyfjord and Geirangerfjord, the famous Pulpit Rock, the fjord cities Ålesund, Kristiansund and Stavanger and lots more.

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Kristiansund & Nordmøre

The Opera city Kristiansund and the island Grip
Kristiansund is located on four islands that create a natural, charming harbour, right at the ocean's edge. The city is known for it's interesting history and rich cultural life, and can offer events such as opera festival, the photo festival Nordic Light, deep sea fishing, diving and kayaking. From May to September there are daily departures by boat from Kristiansund to the beatiful fishing village of Grip, 14 km out to sea.
> Kristiansund
> Grip Island

The Atlantic Road
The Atlantic Road is a National Tourist Route and a salty experience by car, between the ocean and the sky. The road is a very popular attraction, just driving this stretch of road is an amazing experience. There are also lots of activities in the area, which attracts thousands of tourists each year.
> The Atlantic Road

Trollheimen, and Sunndalsfjella National Park
Only about an hour from the cost, impressive mountains rise to the sky. In the area around Surnadal Valley and Sunndal lies a mountain range made for hiking and ski touring. In the middle of this area is Innerdalen Valley, known to be the most beautiful mountain valley in Norway.
> Innerdalen Valley
> Aursjøvegen Mountain Road
> Åmotan Gorge - waterfalls and gorges in upper Sunndal Valley
> Surnadal Valley - the village at the foot of the Trollheimen
> Todalen Valley - with the beautiful Todals fjord and the mountain farm Kårvatn

Geirangerfjord, Ålesund & Sunnmøre

The Art Nouveau city of Ålesund
Voted Norway's most beautiful city! Great architecture and the closeness to the fjords and mountains make an irresistible combination. 
> Ålesund from fjellstua
> Ålesund city

Geirangerfjord is known as the most beautiful Norwegian fjord: sourrounded by mountain tops covered in snow, with high waterfalls and lush nature.
> Geirangerfjorden - Vesterås (National tourist route)
> Seven sisters waterfall
> Ørnesvingen - the Eagle road viewpoint

Leknes - Hjørundfjorden
The Hjørundfjorden is surrounded by the mountains which are reckoned as the core area of the Sunnmøre Alps.
> Leknes - Hjørundfjorden

Trollstigen: The Troll's road
An impressive road that climbs up steep mountainsides. The road is normally open from May/June till October/November.

Trollveggen: The Troll's wall
Europe's highest vertical mountain wall - around 1000 metres! This makes it a challenging target for climbers.
> Trollveggen

Stryn & Nordfjord

Nordfjord has a spectacular and varied nature between glacier, fjord and the sea, and is the perfect destination if you are looking for an active holiday. Mt. Skåla - 1848 m.a.s.l - is Norway's longest uphill stretch. On the top you have an amazing view over the fjord and you can visit Skålatårnet. The Briksdal glacier is the most famous arm of the Jostedal glacier, the largest glacier on the European mainland. In Eid you can enjoy a panoramic view of the fjords and mountains from mount Trollenykjen, and you get an overview of the centre of the village Nordfjordeid. At the pilgrim monestary of Selje you can visit the monastery ruins and learn about the legend of Saint Sunniva.
> Mt. Skåla in Loen
> The Briksdal glacier
> Mt. Trollenyken in Eid
> Nordfjordeid
> Selje Monastery & Nordfjord


The Nærøyfjord is the most beautiful and the wildest branch to the Sognefjord, and is on UNESCO's world heritage list. The Aurlandsfjord is also a branch to the Sognefjord. Here you can find steep and untouched mountainsides, and you find beautiful Flåm - a paradise for those who seek unique experiences in the unspoiled nature.
> Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord
> Nærøyfjord
> Aurlandsfjord, Stigen gard and Undredal
> Aurland and Stegastein viewpoint (National tourist route)
> Flåm


Hardanger is known for the dramatic landscape with mountains, glaciers, waterfalls and fjords, but also for fruit growing: apples, pears, plums and cherrys. The blossoming has attracted tourists for over a hundred years, who come to see the fantastic blossoming of thousands of fruit trees while the snow is still covering the mountain peaks.
> Folgefonna glacier
> Lofthus
> Vøringsfossen waterfall
> Eidfjord

The Stavanger region

In the Stavanger region everything is within reach! A delightful mix of beautiful landscapes, culture, city life and the calm of the countryside: everything you need for a holiday rich in experiences.
> Vågen in Stavanger
> Borestranden beach, Jæren


The Pulpit Rock and the Lysefjord
The Pulpit Rock is a plateau that towers 604 metres over the Lysefjord, and looks as if it has been cut out with a knife. A path makes it possible to get to the top through a somewhat uneven terrain, and the feeling you get by standing on the top of the plateau makes it worthwhile. From there you get a beautiful view over the Lysefjord - a 40 km fjord sourrounded by high mountains. Kjerag - 1084 metres, is the highest top in the Lysefjord.
> The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) and the Lysefjord
> The Lysefjord
> Lysebotn
> Kjerag and Lysefjord

National Tourist Road
The National Tourist Road in Ryfylke goes from the Lysefjord past lush fjords and nakes mountains and is 183 km long.
> Bjørheimsbygd
> Erfjord


Do not miss the videos from Romsdalseggen and the Pulpit Rock: breathless views!
> Romsdalseggen
> The Pulpit Rock
Aurlandsdalen og Nærøyfjorden

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