Travel on a budget

It is possible to travel on a budget in Fjord Norway! Below you will find tips on how to make your holiday more affordable - without missing out on great experiences!

Travel on a budget


Train tickets can be bought at NSB for up till 90 days in advance. Every month "mini price" tickets from 199-499 kr on all departures. These tickets cannot be changed or refunded, but if you plan well in advance this makes it cheaper to get around. There are also specific prices for children, students and seniors. For interail, check terms and prices here.

By air: Experience Norway ticket
At you can buy the flight pass "Experience Norway Ticket", giving you unlimited flights all over Norway for two weeks. Learn more about the Experience Norway Ticket here.

Travel with your own car
Travelling with your own car can be worth while. You are free to go where you like and stop whenever you like, and there are numerous places to stop for a picnic along the road. Tables and benches are often available, making it possible to sit down and eat. Check out our tour suggestions, or the travel planner by "Statens Vegvesen".

Car rental
It is possible to find cheap car rental. Check out for instance Rent-a-wreck, that offers cheap used car rental.

Express buses are a nice and cheap alternative to car, and in Norway the bus routes are rather well developed. The time schedule for most of the bus companies is to found here:  Ruteinfo Norge.


Where to stay

Fjord pass
Fjord pass is Norway's most extensive hotel pass. With the Fjord pass, two adults and all children under the age of 15 years get substantial discounts on accommodation at hundreds of hotels, pensions, guesthouses and cabins all over Norway. Click here for more information about Fjord pass.

Several of the hotel chains offer bonus cards. After a while you can obtain free accomodation, and some cards can also give you discounts on train tickets or car rental. If you are travelling outside the high season, it is worth while to call the hotel directly and try to bargain.

Some hotels with a bonus card: Choice hotels, Thon hotels, Best Western, Scandic hotels.

Youth hostels
In Fjord Norway you find over 25 youth hostels. You can stay at a single, double or family room. The standard and the price varies, but if you are a member of Hostelling International/Norske Vandrerhjem/HI Norway, you are entitled to a 10% discount. The membership costs 150 kr for one year/person, 500 kr for a group membership (10 persons minimum). If you are a member you also get discounts on several activites.

Norwegian Trekking Association
Bring your own tent, or if you want a bit of luxury, stay at one of the Norwegian Trekking Association's (DNT) lodges. The trekking association is a membership association with more than 470 cabins situated all over the country. The cabins make it possible to go trekking from cabin to cabin for several weeks. The sizes of the cabins vary from very small with only a few beds to large fully catered cabins with close to 200 beds. The DNT cabins are owned and run by the DNT's members' associations. If you are a member in DNT you get a discount when staying at one of the cabins. The prices vary from cabin to cabin, if you stay in a single room or in a dorm and if it is a staffed lodge or not.

Bed & Breakfast
You can find a Bed & Breakfast or a room for rent, in private houses all over the country. Simple, nice and inexpensive. Check out B&B Norway or contact the tourist information where you are going. The prices might vary quite a bit, but you should count on paying from 400 kr for a night in a double room with breakfast.

Cabin camping or tent
Many of the campsites in Fjord Norway are situated in beautiful suroundings. You do not need your own camping car to stay there. Rent a cabin or bring your own tent. You can find a list over all the campsites in Norway on the destination's website or on websites such as

During the low season, Camping Cheque is recommended. Camping Cheques can be used in over 600 campsites all over Europe and the camp sites all charge the same price for the accommodation. The campsites have either three, four or five stars and the camping cheques can give you up to 60% discount. 

The freedom to roam
The freedom to roam, or "Allemannsretten" in Norwegian, is the freedom to access or pass through uncultivated land at all times of year, provided that consideration and due care is shown. Any person can also access and pass through cultivated land when the ground is frozen or snow-covered, but not in the period from the 30th of April till the 14th of October. Thus, anyone can camp on uncultivated land, if the tent is pitched more than 150 metres from a house or cabin, and if the place is left in the condition it was upon arrival. One can stay for a maximum of two days without the owner's permission. Un cultivated land, the owner's permission is needed in order to camp or picnic.

This right is quite uncommon in the rest of Europe, a part from Sweden and partly Scotland. The freedom to roam is based upon the respect of nature and the environment, the owners of the land and other users. Read more about the freedom to roam.

What to do

The Fjord Norway region is perfect for hiking. Bring your tent and food and pitch your tent for free, or stay at one of the Norwegian Trekking Association's cabins. The self-serviced cabins are the cheapest. In the cities it is also easy to go hiking: from the city centre in Bergen it is easy to get up to Fløien or the other mountains surrounding the city, and in Ålesund you can walk up to Aksla for an amazing view.

Go biking in Fjord Norway! A holiday on your bike with your own tent is a environmental friendly and affordable way of exploring the region. If you rent a cabin or pitch a tent on a campsite, you have a basecamp from where you can explore the surroundings.

Fishing in the sea from the shore is free in Norway. Bring your fishing rod along and enjoy the taste of fresh fish you have caught yourself for dinner!

What to see

Nature attractions
Fjord Norway is full of nature attractions that are free and relatively easy to access. In addition to fantastic fjords and waterfalls, 11 of the 20 biggest glaciers in the country are found in the region. 

Go on a city walk in Ålesund and enjoy the Art Noveau architecture! In Bergen you find Hansa buildings on Bryggen, and the stave churches are well worth a visit.

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