National Tourist Routes

Eighteen carefully selected roads in Norway have been designated National Tourist Routes. National Tourist Routes are roads that take you through the most beautiful scenery Norway has to offer. Half of the routes are in Fjord Norway.

Låtefossen waterfall, National Tourist Route Hardanger.
Låtefossen waterfall, National Tourist Route Hardanger.
Photo: Hege Lysholm / Statens vegvesen

They will be further developed and improved until 2023 to become high-quality national tourist attractions. Picnic areas with exciting architecture have been built along the routes to enable road users to enjoy the views, experience the weather, take photos, have a bite to eat and explore the unique Norwegian scenery.

These routes are designated with this logo:

Logo Nasjonale Turistveger

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Atlantic Road

Atlantic National Route

The famous Atlantic Road with its eight bridges, winds like a sea serpent through the forceful ocean; the road that hugs the Sea.

Aurland Mountain

Aurland Mountain National Route

The road over Aurland Mountain is a journey across a barren plateau of desolate landscape of snow and rocks with the occasional sprig of grass, known as The “Snow Road” between the Fjords.

Gaular Mountain

Gaular Mountain National Route

The road over Gaularfjell takes you into Fosseheimen from the mighty Sognefjord, which is the world’s longest and Norway’s deepest fjord.

Geiranger - Trollstigen National Route

Geiranger - Trollstigen National Route

Steep mountainsides and blue-green fjords make Geiranger and the Trollstigen Road national icons.



The landscape along the Hardanger National Tourist Route is for many the very essence of the national romantic nature of the west country, where the lush green, the waterfalls, the mountains and the glaciers have been attracting tourists for more than a hundred years.



National Tourist Route Hardangervidda across the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe offers a contrast-filled journey from wide expanses and towering peaks, through deep and verdant valleys to turquoise fjords.


Jæren National Route

This is Norway's food basket; Jæren with open skies, wide horizons and endless ocean.

Old Strynefjell

Old Strynefjell National Route

This road, built more than 100 years ago - by manual labour - winds its way over the mountains between Stryn and Skjåk. A piece of cultural heritage. 


Ryfylke National Route

Follow the future Ryfylke National Tourist Route past verdant Fjords and bare Mountain Peaks.


Sognefjell National Route

The highest mountain road in Northern Europe, winds its way through the Jotunheimen mountains.

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