Sognefjell National Route

The highest mountain road in Northern Europe, winds its way through the Jotunheimen mountains.

Highway 55 between the snow borders by Prestesteinsvatnet.
Highway 55 between the snow borders by Prestesteinsvatnet.
Photo: Jarle Wæhler / Statens vegvesen
Art Installation by Mefjellet picnic area.
Art Installation by Mefjellet picnic area.
Photo: Roger Ellingsen / Statens vegvesen

The road makes its way between fjord and valley, over a high mountain pass between blue ice, jagged peaks and emerald green mountain lakes. At Fantesteinen, 1,434 metres above sea level, the road marks the highest mountain pass in Northern Europe.

This mountain pass has long been an important trading route. From the coast and fjords in the west, salt and fish were carried across the mountains. Leather, butter and tar made their way in the opposite direction from the valleys to the east. In former times, travelling over these mountains was far from safe. The law did not reach up here and tradesmen and farmers would travel in groups as protection against robbers.

The road over the high mountains between the Sognefjord and Bøverdalen opened to motor vehicles in 1938. The pass is closed in winter, but is snowploughed ready for opening around 1st of May. Driving the newly opened road, between banks of snow up to ten metres high, is a wonderful experience.

The rest area at Mefjellet is in the form of an amphitheatre of natural stone, with a panoramic view across mountain and moorland where Knut Wold?s stone sculpture stands commandingly. The glass map at Nedre Oscarshaug helps identify the Hurrungane, Skagastølstindane and other mountains.

Sognefjellet National Turist Route runs between Lom and Gaupne is 108 kilometres long. RV55.

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