Gingerbread Town

In Bergen - the Worlds biggest! Miniature houses, trains, cars and ships made from real gingerbread.

Gingerbread Town

Schools and kindergartens contribute every year in making a miniature version of Bergen - all in gingerbread-cookies! This is one of the most breath-taking traditions we have got in Bergen. This is the World's biggest Gingerbread town!

Opening hours for Pepperkakebyen 2011:
Friday 25th of November: Opening ceremony for Pepperkakebyen start at 17.30.

After this Pepperkakebyen has following opening hours:
Monday-Friday 9-21
Saturday 9-18
Sunday 13-19
24th December 9-13
25th December closed
26th December 13-18
31st December 11-15

Free admission / Admission / discounts
All children under 12 years and everyone who has submitted gingerbread structures to Pepperkakebyen have free access. All adults who follow the kindergarten groups, schools (all levels) and day-centers have free access.

Admission for youth 12-18 years, pupils at primary and secondary, students with student ID NOK 50. Admission for all others over 12 years is NOK 70.
An adult including all accompanying children under 12 NOK 70.

To support Pepperkakebyen you can buy gingerbread cookies when visiting Pepperkakebyen, or order at their homepage (for residents outside Norway, please check with the organizer.)

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