Hiking along the Fjord Coast

The Fjord Coast offers varied terrain and plenty of walking options, from easy walks on the islands and in the lowlands to challenging mountain hikes. 

Hiking along the Fjord Coast
Hiking along the Fjord Coast
Photo: Anders Waage Nilsen

The mountains stand tall along the West Coast of Norway. There are hiking opportunities for everyone, from steep challenges to leisurely coastal paths – all with sea views guaranteed. You may climb high mountains overlooking the fjords or go for a stroll on the islands, where marine life, rounded rocks and the sound of the sea provide a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. Trips to lower peaks are accessible throughout the region and offer fabulous panoramic views of the coastline and the ocean.

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Guided hiking tours
Norway Adventures offer guided hikes along the Fjord Coast, from easy one-day family hikes to longer hikes for experienced mountaineers. The company also offers tailor-made arrangements for kayaking, skiing and mountain climbing. Read more about Norway Adventures here.

You may also combine activities such as sail and hike with Butesail or hiking along the North Sea Trails.

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