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The best way to invite travellers is with visual appetizers that really tempt them to pack their bags! Fjord Norway provides a wide range of images. Free-of-charge.

Sea kayaking at Lake Loen. Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life
Sea kayaking at Lake Loen. Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life

We have commissioned one of Norway's finest photographers to share his vision of Fjord Norway. The core theme is Explore – and it is expressed in richly varied experiences. Intensity and desire
“I want my photos to radiate joy and sensual intensity, because that's what inspires our yearning to travel and explore,” says photographer Terje Rakke.
“Fjord Norway is so incredibly varied, with amazing landscapes within short distances. The light is clearer here and the colours more pure than in any of the other 30 countries in which I've worked. And during the summer there's more daylight to explore it.”

Even though Terje Rakke has been a professional photographer for 20 years, Fjord Norway remains his favourite destination, both on the job and in his free time. There is one quality that is very important to him:
“I always use models who really love the outdoors.”

Tour operators, magazines and newspapers are welcome to freely download photographs – provided they are used to promote Fjord Norway. Our quality photographs can be used inarticles about Fjord Norway, brochures, tour programmes and Internet presentations. (Pleasenote that our photos cannot be used commercially, such as on postcards or on T-shirts.)

Our Internet-based Photo Service gives you hundreds of photographs to choose from, featuring attractions throughout the four counties of Fjord Norway. Subject matters include adventures, highlights and activities, museums and other attractions. All of the images are first-rate, photogra phi cally as well as technically. They are available inlow resolutions for layout work and web presentations, as well as high resolution for use in magazines and quality brochures.

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