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Roundtrip from Bergen to beautiful Hardangerfjord with Norled

By bus from Bergen to Norheimsund, where the sightseeingboat Vøringen will take you on a cruise on the beautiful Hardangerfjord. Enjoy great views of fruitfarms along the banks of the fjord, pitoresc villages, the Folgefonna Glacier and long fjordarms. We call upon Herand, Utne, Lofhus, Kinsarvik, Ulvik and  Eidfjord. A 3 hrs. break in Eidfjord allows passengers to take the sightseeingbus to the famous Vøringsfoss (available through september).

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Ålesund Youth and Family Hostel

Ålesund was rebuilt after the town fire in 1904, and the town is today one of only 3 European towns with the magnificent Jugend architecture. There is a rich...

Photographer: Frithjof Fure

Spectacular fjords

Authentic Scandinavia - specialist in independent and escorted package tours to Norway, including the spectacular Norwegian fjords.

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Useful information when travelling by car

Here you will find useful information when travelling by car in Fjord Norway. Some roads can be closed during the winter, and we also recommend that you check the car ferries' departure schedules.

Useful information
Photo: Anne-Mette Landmark

Road standards

Norwegian roads are better than you might think and you can get around without any problems. However you really should take a detour on one of the old, narrow roads instead of just taking the shortest route – a great way to discover the beauty of secluded spots.

Traffic regulations

Remember to respect all road signs/speed limits and take special note of the following: Dipped headlights are mandatory (also in day-time). Children under 4 must have a separate seat or safety net (babies). The use of safety belts is compulsory both in front and rear seats. Driving with alcohol in the blood is strictly forbidden and the blood alcohol limit is 0.2 ml/litre. In cars, drivers must use a handsfree device when talking on their mobile phone.

Speed limits

General speed limits are as follows:
In built-up areas: 50 km/h
On open roads: 80 km/h
On motorways: 90/100 km/h
Speed limits are identical for motorbikes, cars and camper vans/caravans, except that vehicles towing trailers are not permitted to drive faster than 80 km/h regardless of road standard. Respect road signs/speed limits!

Toilet/waste emptying stations for camper vans and caravans

Dumping refuse and emptying che- mical toilets in the countryside is strictly forbidden. There are clearly signposted special toilet/waste emptying stations along the roads. Most campsites also provide such facilities.

Winter-closed roads

  • FV13 - Gaularfjellet road, normally open May to December.
  • FV55 - Sognefjell road, normally open May to October.
  • FV63 - Geirangervegen, normally open May to October.
  • FV63 - Trollstigen road, open end of May - end of October.
  • FV258 Old Strynefjells road, normally open June to October.
  • FV520 - Breiborg - Røldal, normally open June to December.
  • Årdal - Turtagrø (Sogn og Fjordane) (private road), normally open from 20th of May to 29th of October.
  • Aurland - Erdal/Aurlandsvegen/Snow road (Sogn & Fjordane), normally open from May/June to October.
  • Brokke - Suleskar (Rogaland), normally open from June to November.

The dates for the opening of winter-closed roads will depend on local weather and dri- ving conditions. Call the Vegmeldingstjenesten (Road conditions information line) for more information: Tel.: in Norway: 175  Tel.: from abroad: + 47 815 48 991

Roads with narrow, winding sections: 

  • FV13 - Bårddalen, Gaularfjellet, Sogn & Fjordane
  • RV13 - Lutsikrossen – Høle, Rogaland
  • FV48 - Tysse – Eikelandsosen, Hordaland
  • FV50 - Steine – county boundary Sogn & Fjordane/Buskerud
  • FV55 - Sognefjellsvegen, Fortun – county boundary Sogn & Fjordane/Oppland
  • FV258 - Ospeli – county boundary Sogn & Fjordane/Oppland
  • FV503 - Vikeså – Byrkdal, Rogaland
  • FV506 - Røynåsen – Ålgård, Rogaland
  • FV511 - Skudeneshavn – Kopervik on Karmøy, Rogaland
  • FV513 - Solheim – Skjoldastraumen, Rogaland
  • FV520 - Sauda – Røldal, Rogaland
  • FV550 - Jondal – Utne, Hordaland
  • FV569 - Dalseid – (junction with E16) – Eidslandet: Not suitable for caravans!
  • FV651 - Straumshamn – Volda, Møre & Romsdal
  • FV655 - Leknes – Tryggestad, Møre & Romsdal
  • FV661 - Eidsvik – Tomra, Møre & Romsdal
  • FV63- Trollstigen road – Eagle road – Geiranger, Møre & Romsdal
  • FV501 - Hauge i Dalane – Heskestad, Rogaland
  • Lysevegen: Suleskar – Lysebotn, Rogaland
  • Aurlandsvegen/Snøvegen: Aurland – Erdal, Sogn & Fjordane
  • Øvre Årdal – Turtagrø, Sogn & Fjordane.


Toll Roads and AutoPass

Foreign drivers are welcome to Use the AutoPASS System.

With an AutoPASS tag and a valid contract you may travel on all toll roads with AutoPASS electronic fee collection, paying the different fees without having to stop. Toll roads offering AutoPASS are clearly marked with an AutoPASS sign.

You make an advance payment and establish an account with a Toll Road Operator. Each time you pass through an AutoPASS toll plaza, the fee is extracted from your account. When 75% of the amount on your account is spent, you receive a new invoice.

Visitors Payment
With ”Visitors Payment” you can drive through all Norwegian toll roads in the AutoPASS-lanes and pay automatically in ”Automatic Toll Stations” where there is no option for manual payment on the road itself. You do not need an AutoPASS tag.

You register an account and pay NOK 300,- for vehicles below 3 500 kg and NOK 1 000,- for heavy vehicles. You can pay by VISA or MasterCard.

All passages are debited your account. When the balance of your account is NOK 0,- another NOK 300,-/ 1000,- is charged to your credit card. Three months after your ”Visitors Payment” has expired, the balance of your account will be credited your credit card.

You specify the period of agreement yourself. Maximum duration is three months. If you are to stay in Norway for longer than this, we recommend that you get an AutoPASS Contract. Please note that you can pay for passages made 14 days prior to registering your credit card. ”Visitors Payment” is operated by Oslofjordtunnelen AS on behalf of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration and all Norwegian toll road companies. Oslofjordtunnelen AS will appear on your credit card bill. See to register.

Automatic Toll Plazas
Several Toll Roads Operators have installed automatic toll plazas. The lanes are marked ”Do not stop”. Here you simply pass through, with or without AutoPASS. Foreign drivers can stop and pay at a nearby petrol station. If you do not stop and pay within three working days you will receive an invoice by post – with no extra charge. Norwegian Toll Road Operators use Euro Parking Collection plc in London, UK to collect the fees.

Without AutoPass
As a tourist without an AutoPASS-contract you normally pass through the toll plazas in the lanes marked ”Mynt/ Coin” or ”Manuell”. You either pay manually or at a coin machine. You need Norwegian coins to pay. Most toll roads have facilities for credit card payment.

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Car ferries

Several companies run car ferries in Fjord Norway. You can find the schedules on the different websites. Also check out the Travel Guide for a complete list.


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