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If you can find it on the map, you have got a good chance that a bus or boat will take you there. Many foreign travellers are positively astonished at how good public transport is in Norway. Even the most remote destinations have viable communications with the world-at-large, and for those who live there this is important confirmation that they are part of the greater community. It is also easy to get around by car.

The Hjørundfjord
The Hjørundfjord
Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norway

Below you will find information about express boats, car ferries, express coaches and train in Fjord Norway and you can download information about the schedules. This information is found in the Travel Guide. Fjord Norway's travel guide is a comprehensive catalogue with accomodation, activities, attractions and tour suggestions in Fjord Norway, and it can be downloaded here.

Map of Fjord Norway

Download a high-resolution map of the Fjord Norway region, with roads, places and attractions marked. A useful tool when you are on tour in the region!


Express boats

The modern express coastal route connects Fjord Norway. Here is a list of the short local routes and longer regional routes available. Most coastal express boats serve meals. Indeed, they are quite an adventure in themselves!

Express boats sail up and down the coast, in sheltered waters and across open seas, to towns and villages, and islands large and small. They provide perfect logistics for a holiday of island hopping, or an itinerary entirely of your own choosing. Even though a growing number of bridges and subsea tunnels are being built, it is the ferries that unite Fjord Norway. For the most popular ferries, you are wise to queue early (Geiranger– Hellesylt, Gudvangen–Kaupanger and Lauvvik–Lysebotn).

The Coastal Express plies the whole coast from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes near the border with Russia. Since 1893, the Coastal Express has plied the Norwegian coast as a combined passenger, freight and tourist service. Today, the fleet consists of new, up-to-date vessels. One of the ships leaves Bergen every evening all year round, calling at a total of 35 ports along the coast. The Bergen-Kirkenes-Bergen round trip takes 11 days.
Download information about express boats and the Coastal Express.

Car ferries

The ferries provide a welcome break from driving. Once on board, you can enjoy the view of the fjord. You can buy snacks on most ferries. Be warned, there may be queues in the summer months. On many crossings, it is possible to make a reservation - contact the ferry company. Contact the ferry company for further information.

If you are travelling by car you will find useful information under Tour Suggestions.
Download information about car ferries.

Express coach services

Express buses offer efficient travel over large distances, from town to town. Nor-Way Bussekspress guarantees that if the last seat is taken, they will drive an extra bus.
Download information about express coaches


From abroad, the train connections to Oslo are excellent, with onward connections to Stavanger, Bergen, Flåm and Åndalsnes. The Norwegian State Railway NSB offers two main entries into Fjord Norway: the Bergen Railway and the Southern Railway. In addition, you can enjoy adventures on Flåmsbana and the Rauma Railway. Best in daylight! See for more information.

Route, either way: Bergen-­Myrdal-­Finse-­Geilo-­Oslo
Distance: 479 km
Duration: approx. 6,5hrs

Route, either way: Myrdal-Flåm
Distance: 20 km
Duration: approx. 1hr

Route, either way: Åndalsnes-Dombås-Oslo
Distance: 457 km
Duration: approx. 5,5 hrs

Route, either way: Stavanger-Kristiansand-Oslo
Distance: 598 km
Duration: approx. 8hrs


Flying provides an enriching perspective. Seen from the air, Norway is the very image of modesty; we occupy surprisingly small portions of the land, surrounded by vast tracts of unspoiled wilderness. Today there is fierce competition between the airlines – a decided advantage for travellers. Norway’s domestic airlines offer great deals in the summer. Others sell passes that allow you to travel almost freely in a given time frame. Be aware that there are many minor airports; perhaps right near where you are headed.

- Widerøe: With the "Explore Norway" ticket you get unlimited flights all over Norway for two weeks! Click here for more information about the Explore Norway ticket.
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Fjord Norway Travel Guide

Fjord Norway's travel guide is a comprehensive catalogue with accomodation, activities, attractions and tour suggestions in Fjord Norway.

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