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Cruise Fjord Norway with Norled

Norled is one of the largest transportation companies in Norway with 50 ferries and 30 expressboats. Norled has special tourist cruises on three of the most famous fjords in Fjord Norway; Lysefjord, Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord as well as Coastal Express routes from Stavanger in the south to Selje (Norfjord) in the north.

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Photographer: Paal Audestad/Fjord Tours

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By Express Boat

By express boats

Daily express boats run both along the coast and the fjords.These are for passengers, travelling without a car, but provide an excellent opportunity for cyclists to quickly get to their destination.

By Express Boat

The modern express boats are linking Fjord Norway together with both short local routes and longer regional routes. Most of them have cafeterias for you to enjoy a meal onboard. And do not forget - that the routes are an experience in themselves.

Here you can, without haste, let yourself overwhelm by the untouched fjords and magnificent rock formations. Experience for example, the longest fjord adventure in the world; Sognefjord. The elongated branch is located in the middle of Fjord Norway, and extends 204 km into the country.

Daily departures correspond across the Hardangerfjord where you in addition to magnificent scenery will learn to know the fruit villages.

Geirangerfjord, with its stunning waterfalls and mountain farms are considered a 20 km long pearl among Norwegian fjords.

Whatever purpose, express boats are an effective way of travelling to communities and places along the coast. Bicycles are the only conveyances that are possible to bring on board.

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