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Take the gondola

The surrounding area is perfect for mountain hiking as well as downhill and freeride cycling.

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Hikes in Fjord Norway

Tide offers daily departures to some of Fjord Norways most spectacular mountain formations. Hikes to highlights such as Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock), Kjerag and Trolltunga are all available by bus – with daily departures during the summer season.

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Fjordcruise Bergen-Flåm

Fjordcruise Bergen-Flåm

The Sognefjord is the longest and deepest fjord in Norway and by many described as the King of the fjord. Secure space for a fjordcruise on the Sognefjord and travel from Bergen to Flåm. The Sognefjord is located in the middle of Fjord Norway and stretches right into the foot of Jotunheimen and Jostedalen national park. Nature here is both dramatic and hospitable, and you can take part in exhilrating activities. More information and booking.

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Active Fjord Holidays

Active Fjord Holidays

Activity holidays in the Norwegian fjord region, including biking, fjord safaris and more.

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Explore Flåm!

Surrounded by steep mountainsides, roaring waterfalls and deep valleys, Flåm is a paradise for everyone looking for a one-of-a-kind experience with mother nature.

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Take a cruise on the Nærøyfjord

Discover one of Norway's most visited fjords. Take a cruise on the stunning Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Fjords & Capitals

Combine the Norwegian fjords with the Scandinavian Capitals

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Day trips in the Rosendal Alps

In Rosendal there are numerous hikes to explore. Below you will find a selection of hikes. See more hikes at


Day trips

Black/expert, T-marked
160-1426 meters above sea level
Seven hours return

Melderskin is often called “the queen of the Hordaland mountains”, and you can see why when you see the mighty mountain from a distance. And of course when you take the hike to the top, straight from Rosendal.

From the car park, you walk 300 meters along the road before the path turns towards Skarshaug. To start with, the trail goes through countryside and mixed woodland. Above the treeline, the trail follows small ridges and valleys, in particular Rindane, with some steep sections. The first peak, Skarshaug, is halfway to Melderskin, with a great view. The valley to the southeast is Hattebergsdalen, and important gateway to the Hatteberg waterways and Folgefonna national park. Further on, the ground turns more to rock, with little in the way of vegetation. An unexpected experience is the blanket of moss and fresh spring water at Holo. Here the snowdrifts often remain all summer.

The cairn on the plateau at the top was built during the geographic measurement of Norway in 1913. Here you have a grand view in all directions, towards the sea, fjord and mountain, and not least towards Folgefonna.

Access: Drive towards the barony from the town centre, but take the left turn towards Kletta at the junction before the avenue towards the manor house. Parking is by the stop sign at Kletta. Or walk from the centre of town.

Malmangersnuten from Hattebergsdalen
Red/demanding, partly marked with the red T
150-890 meters above sea level
Five hours return

From the car park at Fossberg 2 km along a gravel road down to the valley. The trail goes up towards Murabotnen and to the right where it forks with the trail to Skeisfjell. From here continue along the ridge between Guddalsdalen and Hattebergsdalen to Malmangernuten.

Access: Drive past the barony to the car park at Fossberg at the entrance to Hattebergsdalen, or walk from the centre of town.

Malmangersnuten from Rosendal
Red/demanding, marked with the red T
0-890 meters above sea level
Two hours up, two hours down

The very fittest can try the uphill run “Nuten opp”, with takes place at the beginning of August.

Access: Parking at Rosendal Fjord hotel, or walk from the centre of town.

Red/demanding, partly marked with the red T
100-972 meters above sea level
Six hours return

This hike offers some good alternatives and a great view towards the fjord, Myrdalsvatnet, Melderskin and Gygrastolen. The hike starts on an un-marked but decent gravel road for 3km to the sign 100m before the road ends. From here the trail is marked with the red Ts, first along a forest lane and then a trail towards the fjord. Up on the mountain ridge, you will meet the T-marked trail from Vevik, Skjethaug/Neslia, Åsvold and Kjeldestøl. Continue along the ridge to Nordlifjell.

Access: Parking by Kvinnherad church, or start from the centre of Rosendal.

Rambling the peaks at Ulvanose, Geitdalstinden and Høgetinden.
Black/expert, marked with the red T
80-1248 meters above sea level
Eight hours return

This hike in the climbers’ paradise of Uskedalen is for those who like open spaces and long hikes. This hike starts on a partly developed cattle trail past the mountain farm at Låganosa. After this the trail splits, and if you are tempted by a name like mini-Besseggen, you can take a left and go via the open and alpine Geitadalstinden (1210 meters). If not, take a right towards Høgetinden (1248 meters) and enjoy the view from what is considered to be Hordaland’s version of Trollveggen.

The hike starts at Øvre Haugland, by the bridge over the Uskedalselva river.

Access: From Rv48, in Uskedalen take the turning towards Musland. After about 4 km there is a car park by the bridge over Uskedalselva, to the right is the forest lane.

Shorter hikes

In Sundal there is easy access via a gravel road to the Bondhusbreen glacier, where Keisarstien up to Folgefonna also starts.

Short hike, four hours return. This is a restored farmyard 650 meters above sea level at the foot of Bjørndalstindane in Muradalen, which lies between Malmangernuten and Melderskin. Access: The hike can start by the barony and goes along the Hatteberg waterway.

Strandasætra - Blue/medium, three hours return.
Three kilometers decent gravel road with some steep sections. Take a right at the junction. From the end of the road there’s a 400-meter trail in to Strandasetra. Great view of the Hardangerfjord in both directions. Access: The hike starts on a gravel road 2 kilometers north of Løfallsstrand on Rv48

Orienteering in Rosendal.
Orienteering control points are laid out in Rosendal.

Hiking with a guide

With your base in Rosendal you may enjoy guided hikes in the deep valleys or gain alltitude to wander the glaciers.

Hiking with a guide in Bondhusdalen
A hike with a knowledgeable local guide departs every Saturday in July from Folgefonni Breførarlag. The glacier road and entire area in fact has a long and colourful history including travelers who robbed tourists, an emperor’s visit, bear hunt and hydropower development. The glacier itself is undeniably a witness to climate change.

Access: Sundal lies between Rosendal and Odda on Rv551.

Daily guides over “Fonna”
Those who don’t have glacier experience and equipment can have a close encounter with the glacier on a guided hike between Fonnabu and Holmaskjer. From the roof of Hardanger, the view is spectacular. From the top of Folgefonna you can see large swathes of the Hardangervidda mountain plateau with Hårteigen and Hardangerjøkulen in the east and north and the coastal mountains, Marstein lighthouse and the North Sea in the west.

You can start both from the Odda and Sundal sides and the regular bus makes it easy to return to your starting point. Read more at

This is the country’s southernmost glacier, in fact it consists of three glaciers. Southern Folgefonna is mainland Norway’s third largest glacier at 168 square kilometers. This is also where Kvinneherad’s highest point can be found. Highest glacier, Breakulen at 1662 meters. The glacier has been a principal connecting route between the villages in Ytre Hardanger and Sørfjorden for centuries.

The most common way to experience Folgefonna is the walk along the construction road from Sundal to Bondhusvatnet, where the Bondhusbreen glacier reveals itself. You can also get to the Svelgabreen glacier on the southside of Folgefonna from Blådalen, which can be reached from Omvikdalen.

Other activities in the area
- Climbing: Uskedalen in particular has established climbing routes, which are very popular
- Cycling
- Bicycle hire
- The summer ski centre in Jondal. Folgefonna summer ski centre is within reach for those who miss skiing and snowboarding with a ski lift. The centre at Jondal is known for its excellent terrain park
- Rosendal Ski Festival is a ski touring event in April/May

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