You might just as well cancel your tickets to Biarritz! The beaches in Jæren and Stadt offers quality surfing all year around.

Surfing in Norway? Yeah, we know - that might sound very cold. But, due to the Gulf Stream that brings heated water up passed the Norwegian coast, it is possible to surf every day. Even in the winter. Thick, warm wetsuits made of neopren keeps you warm. Throughout the summer and fall the water temperatures are more pleasant than you actually would think.

At the beaches in Jæren you may surf those great waves in one second, and the next - doze of with a latte in a café in Stavanger. Jæren is the area that saw the very first dedicated surfer-community in Norway.

At Stadt, in the small community of Hoddevika, since the later part of the 90´s - a small and special environment have kept the waves in focus all year around. The place has three surf lodges, surfing school and a great international vibe of people in natural surroundings that are just spectacular. Hoddevika is most popular among those that are pretty new to surfing, while the bay next door - Ervika - demands much more of the surfer.

Autumn and winter is the time of year considered to be the best among the most experienced surfers. Pull your wetsuit on - and keep the winter out.

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Kite surfing

The beaches of Jæren are excellent for those who practice the sport of kite surfing. The Sola beach is popular among kiters.

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Surfing Jæren

Norway's best surf is found along the beaches of Jæren. This stretch of coastline invites you to explore the North Sea for wind and waves. The spots range from...

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