Wellness and Spa

Relaxed wellness in Fjord Norway

If clean air and water, a calm atmosphere without stress and walks in an amazing mountain and costal scenery is a relaxing remedy for your body and mind, then Fjord Norway is where you need to go to get your wellness therapy.

Wellness and Spa
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Do you need a change of scene? Energy injection, relaxation, or “yes, thank you – both?” Wrap yourself up in a wellness of fresh air, mountains and fjords. Do yourself some good - let the day be about you.

Most of us dream of travelling and having a good health. In Fjord Norway, voted to be the world's best travel destination by National Geographic, you can achieve both. It is all about wellness.

First and foremost, well-being is a choice of quality of life. Environment affects you more than you realize, and medical studies show that your heart rate changes along with an increased feeling of well-being.

Whether you choose to count stars, paddling among ice floes, fishing, hiking on glaciers, white sand beaches, or merely wave your toes, Fjord Norway - as one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world – has a huge range to offer. In good weather, an idyllic experience, and - in stormy, a mighty. Feel how alive you get - in the middle of a food basket of elements. Because, well-being is not only about massage and water. In our fjord landscape, you will find complete offers where the environment is a part of the overall experience.

All our wellness hotels are situated in beautiful natural surroundings. Often near the sea but with a mountain nearby. Personal hospitality and professionalism is a matter of course, and tailor-made programs meets your requirements, whether you just want to relax, be active, or focus on diet.

The philosophy behind wellness in the fjord landscape is not just about positive effects from the fjords and mountains, Norwegian food traditions, spa treatments and the natures healing quality in itself. This is a return to the basics and rediscovering knowledge related to nature, culture and quality of life in the regions. Charming traditions, based on several hundred years of experience, helps to provide the special atmosphere.

Some of these places can be difficult to provide justice with words, but maybe more worth a try. Just remember to book any treatments in advance. Weekends are often fully booked.

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