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Photographer: Fretheim Hotel

Fretheim Hotel

A stay at the Fretheim Hotel includes rare nature experiences. Give your senses plenty of elbow room and allow yourself to be captivated by the impressive landscape.

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Photographer: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life

Take a cruise on the Geirangerfjord

The Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers dramatic scenery, with wild and beautiful nature easily enjoyable from deck.

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Photographer: Ad Authentic Scandinavia

Fjords & Scandinavian Capitals

Combine the Norwegian fjords with the Scandinavian Capitals.

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Photographer: Bergensfjord

Hirtshals – Stavanger/Bergen

Plans to visit beautiful Fjord Norway this summer? Fjord Line takes you directly to the world famous fjords in Western Norway!

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Photographer: Paal Audestad/Fjord Tours

Fjord Tours

The perfect round trips if you want to experience Norway in an eco-friendly and comfortable way

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Ålesund Youth and Family Hostel

Ålesund was rebuilt after the town fire in 1904, and the town is today one of only 3 European towns with the magnificent Jugend architecture. There is a rich...

Mountain huts

Mountain huts

Mountain huts are the perfect alternative if you want to be close to the mountain and nature during your holidays.

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Aursjøhytta - Mountain Lodge

Aursjøhytta can be used as a starting point for hikers and skiers who want to experience the dramatic and rugged landscape of Skrymtheimen, the Romsdal...

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Aursjøhytta (Nesset)

SUMMER/staffed season (the end of June and into September): Aursjøhytta has 36 beds spread over 12 two bedded- and 4 four bedded rooms. In addition a big...

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Cabins - Kristiansund and Nordmøre Trekking Association

Kristiansund and Normøre Trekking Association - KNT - was founded in 1888, and its goal was to make the mountains on Nordmøre known and available for walking...

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Dyranut Fjellstova

Dyranut Fjellstove is the highest situated mountain lodge at route 7 (1245 metres above sea level). In addition to magnificent nature, hunting and fishing, you...

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Eiriksvollen - Mountain Lodge

Eiriksvollen is suitadet at Fale in Sunndalen. The cabin is placed in beautiful surroundings close to Fale bridge, 10 min. from the road. It takes 6 hours to...

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Flatbrehytta mountaincabin

Self-service cabin with 18 beds.Situated 1000 m.a.s.l., with fantastic views. Hike in wonderful and get really clos to the steep glacier. Approximately 2-3 hours walk.

Gammelsetra i Lindalen


Gammelsetra - Mountain Lodge

Old and cosy summer pastry farm with 4 buildings. Good startout for hikes in Dovre- and Sunndal mountains or easy walks in the area. Nice area for fishing...

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Grytbakksetra - Mountain Lodge

Nice summer pastery farm suitable for families. Great view towards Trollheimen- og Sunndalsmountains. Waterfalls and bathing areas nearby. Self-service, open all year. 24 beds in total.

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Grøvudalshytta - Monuntain Lo

Grøvudalshytta is situated in beatiful Grøvudalen, a pastry farm with exeptionally rich flora - approximately 85 % of Norway's mountain plants is found here....

Copyright © Inge Gudmundsen


Hardbakkhytta - Mountain Lodge

Hardbakkhytta is located nicely on a hight, next to a small tarn, and has an amazing view in all directions: south one can see Trollheimen in the west and...

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