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Cruise on the Sognefjord

Experience the king among the Norwegian fjords with Norled.  Our expressboats will take you to the Sognefjord, which  is the longest fjord.  On route from Bergen to Flåm you will experience wild and beautiful nature,  rich wildlife, small mountainfarms and remote villages. Return the same day or take an overnight  stay and return to Bergen the following day. Book here.

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Active Fjord Holidays

Active Fjord Holidays

Activity holidays in the Norwegian fjord region, including biking, fjord safaris and more.

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Explore Flåm!

Surrounded by steep mountainsides, roaring waterfalls and deep valleys, Flåm is a paradise for everyone looking for a one-of-a-kind experience with mother nature.

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Take a cruise on the Nærøyfjord

Discover one of Norway's most visited fjords. Take a cruise on the stunning Nærøyfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Fjords & Capitals

Combine the Norwegian fjords with the Scandinavian Capitals

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Fjord Tours

Discover Norway's highlights with Fjord Tours' spectacular and popular round trips - all year round.

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Guided glacier hiking

Our glaciers are stunning from a distance, but up close you will experience a fairytale environment of constantly changing sculptures. The changing light, infinite shades of blue and the sounds of the ice, make glacier hiking a unique experience.

The Jostdalsbreen Glacier.
The Jostdalsbreen Glacier.
Photo: Briksdal Adventure

In the mountains of Norway there are 20 glaciers in total, and Jostedalsbreen alone is 487 square kilometers. 11 of the 20 glaciers are in Fjord Norway. So that less experienced hikers can experience the wild ice and snow landscape without exposing themselves to danger, guided tours are available in most of the glacier areas. For safety reasons, participants on these tours walk on a rope and equipment such as ropes, ice picks and crampons can be hired from the tour organiser.

Do not cross the barriers in front of the glacier without a guide! Standing too close to the glacier can be dangerous, as blocks of ice can suddenly break loose from the glacier.

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Folgefonna Glacier

Folgefonna Glacier

The hike across Folgefonna in Hardanger is a classic hike in May.

Jostedalsbreen Glacier

Jostedalsbreen Glacier

Jostedalsbreen is the largest glacier mass on the European continent.

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