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  1. Add The Gaular Watercourse to your Itinerary

    The Gaular Watercourse


    6971 Sande i Sunnfjord

    The Gaular waterway, Gaularvassdraget, is one of the most beautiful waterways in Norway. Gaularvassdraget is the longest lowland waterways with its 70 km, and was protected against hydro power utilization in 1993.Gaularvassdraget has 29...

  2. Add Likholefossen to your Itinerary



    6978 Viksdalen

    Likholefossen is a waterfall in the municipality of Gaular, it is localized by the farm Hov in Eldalsdalen.The origin of the name is from the old days when some of the farms at the end of the valley couldn’t transport their dead ones to church in...

  3. Add Huldefossen - Waterfall to your Itinerary

    Huldefossen - Waterfall


    6800 Førde

    Huldefossen is located at Mo, by E39, about 10 km from Førde.There is signs into the parking lot. It is about 500 meters to walk across a wooden bridge and up along the river. The waterfall has about 90 meter long fall, and is one of the most...

  4. Add Osfossen to your Itinerary



    6977 Bygstad

    Osfossen is a waterfall in Osen, Gaular. This waterfall is among the most known waterfalls in the Gaular Watercourse and is easily located by highway 610. Norways oldest salmon stairs, which was build in 1870, is located on the southside of the...

  5. Add Styggelifossen to your Itinerary



    6817 Naustdal

    Styggelifossen is located in Naustdal. Drive towards Naustedalen to Kalland. It is possible to book guided trips to the waterfall. The trip takes approximately 2 hours. Call ++47 91 87 66 98 to book this trip.

  6. Add Fotlandsfossen to your Itinerary



    4349 Bryne

    Fotlandsfossen (the Footland waterfall), located in the cross between Fv. 206 and Fv. 210) is a distinctive and not expected landscape area in the municipality of Time. Here has the Hå river dug itself between the phyllite rock and made the biggest...

  7. Add Åkrafjorden and Langfoss - One of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls to your Itinerary

    Åkrafjorden and Langfoss - One of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls


    5596 Markhus

    CNN voted Langfoss in Åkrafjorden to be one of the ten most beautiful waterfalls in the world in March 2011. With its 612 m drop (2008 feet), Langfoss is the fifth largest waterfall in Norway. It is located at the end of Åkrafjord. There is an...

    Guide Price

    Guide Price NOK 150.- to NOK 290.- Tickets
  8. Add Låtefoss Waterfall to your Itinerary

    Låtefoss Waterfall


    5750 Odda

    Famous twin-waterfall close to route 13. Låtefoss is the king among our waterfalls and an internationally famous attraction.

    At the southern end of the waterfall, you might follow the path leading to where the hotel was previously lying. Today...

  9. Add Salmon studio to your Itinerary

    Salmon studio


    4230 Sand

    The Suldalslågen salmon river in Suldal, Ryfylke is 22 kilometres in length and flows down the valley from the Suldalsvatn lake into the Sandsfjord at the centre of Sand. Next to the salmon ladder in the Sandsfossen waterfall at Sand is one of the...

  10. Add Suldalslågen to your Itinerary



    Suldal Turistkontor
    4230 Sand

    Suldalslågen river in the inner part of Ryfylke is the stretch of river from Suldalsvatnet lake (68 meters above sea level) to Sand. On this 22 kilometre-long stretch the river runs, silent and powerful, through a varied natural and cultural...

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