We offer accommodation in restored 18th and 19th century houses. These are part of the Trollbu farm cluster. There are three houses that sleep a total of 23, plus two double rooms where we offer B&B. The houses are equipped with kitchen, living room and WC/shower. Duvets and pillows in the bedrooms – bed linen can be hired. Fully equipped kitchen, cooker, fridge. There is a wood-burning stove in two of the cabins. The Trollbu farm cluster is situated in a quiet area. The Oldedalen valley is surrounded by high mountains, lush green mountainsides, blue-white glaciers and roaring waterfalls that dance their way down the mountainsides.

In the old barn one can celebrate big days or arrange family reunions.
Here is room for up to 90 people for dining - in a pleasant environment.
The house is built on the foundation walls of the old barn from 1895.
The new building was completed in 2005.

local food and buffet are delivered to order. Contact Aabrekk gard for prizes and menu.

In old barn, breakfast is served to overnight guests and others who order.

At Aabrekk farm, we put our soul into continuing traditions handed down in generations. You can find it at the breakfast table, for dinner - and if you are lucky you can buy a glass of homemade jam. At Aabrekk Gard, bees live happy days in pure and lush nature. Here they roam around in white clover-meadows and on the wild-berry flower, and give us good taste experiences. In Oldedalen, the goats live freely and well, acting in wild, pure nature. In the hillsides behind the garden we grow heather and herb plants.
Lykle is the name of the product thats made from Aabrekk farm. You can find the products in a selection of shops and hotels in Sogn og Fjordane. You can also order it directly from Aabrekk farm.
Food of the finest quality.

Quelle: Nordfjord


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