Hardanger Guesthouse is located a mere five minute walk from the center of Ulvik and offers 17 family-friendly rooms. Its spacious front yard invites both young and old to to play and relax. Enjoy a hearty meal in the dining hall or head on over to the icecream-bar for some tasty refreshments. A roaring river runs past the guesthouse and into the Ulvik-fjord, perfect for swimmers and fish-enthusiasts alike. 

On the opposite side of the guesthouse, you will find the camping grounds with several means of accommodation. Spend the night in one of the cozy cabins (fit for 4-5 people), pitch a tent or park your campervan for a stay near the fjord. The campingground has a small beach, showers and restrooms, and lots of space for children to play on.  


  • Eikjeledbakkjen 2
  • 5730 Ulvik
+47 56 52 61 70

Wo ist Hardanger Guesthouse?