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Onakaia contains three separate units with a total of 28 beds. The historical accommodation site is placed at the very deck of Ona and offers magnificent views and thrilling surroundings - the perfect base for adventurous experiences. You can fish directly from the balcony, visit one of the pottery workshops, stop by the cozy café "To runde pinner og Glade kopper", or take a stroll to Ona Lighthouse. Both beach and seaside facilitate relaxation and exploring for young and old. The island is also popular amongst birdwatchers.

Hustadvika Adventure also offers a variety of activities. Freshwater fishing, net hauling and crab fishing are amongst the most sought-after activities. In a sphere of fjords and mountains, hiking and caving is highly recommended. How about renting one of our SUP boards for a memorable experience? We provide tailormade trips and excursions well suited any needs and wishes. ATV excursions, eagle safari and visit to local food producers also hit top on our list, and we collaborate with several of the most known providers in the area to offer a complete experience for young and old, private persons as well as businesses.

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