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Sabi (Japanese) symbolises simplicity and purity. These are principles upon which Sabi Sushi are founded.

High-end takeout at Sabi SushiSabi Sushi introduces a new concept in the space between the restaurant and take-away. Sushi restaurant quality at home, in a packaging that is aesthetically and tastefully garnished. To the extent possible, they use local foods from local suppliers, such as Sterling white halibut, salmon from Hjelmeland, scallops from Kvitsøy, and raw shrimps from the fjords. If you love sushi, then you will love this place.

Honest, genuine and safe sushiThe restaurateurs believe in the simple basics of the Japanese culinary tradition. They use only fresh produce that has traveled the shortest way possible. The food is bold in its simplicity. They seek to let the natural flavours run free - without unnecessary interference. They believe in the simple, pure ingredients and good craftsmanship. They believe in ideals that many forget in today's hectic lifestyle. This is Sabi Sushi. The restaurant has 50 seats, as well as 10 seats in a private Titami room, and 40 seats outdoors in comfortable and stylish furnishings.

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  • Jåttavågveien 7 (venstre for hovedinngang ved Stadionparken)
  • 4020 STAVANGER
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