Way up high in Aurlandsdalen, in magnificent surroundings at 1070 masl, is Steinbergdalshytta, a mountain lodge dating back to 1895.  Tasty food and drinks combined with warm hospitality is what we want to offer you at Steinbergdalshytta.

Steinbergdalshytta has 45 beds / 16 rooms.  The dining room and common areas are spacious, rustic and "cabin-cosy".  The location has a long and varied history, and is ideal for celebrations of all kinds.

According to guests, Steinbergdalshytta is a destination in itself, so we hope you'll prolong your stay with a day or two, and try out some of the activities the area invites you to.  How about short or long hikes, trout fishing, sleeping outdoors in a tent, star gazing, trail running or hunting grouse.  In winter the place is excellent for mountain skiing, family friendly randonee, snow shoeing and ice fishing.  We can also arrange for dog sledding.

Steinbergdalshytta is halfway between Finse and Vassbygi, easily accessible both on foot and by car /bus, which gives you great flexibility in planning your hike in the Aurland valley.  Between Geitrygghytta and Steinbergdalshytta you can opt for the short 10 km rout, but if the sun is shining and your feet feel light, you walk by Kongshelleren and get a full 20 km day out.  Likewise, between Steinbergdalshytta and Østerbø: short 10 km hike or a longer 15km by Findalen and Sauavad.

Steinbergdalshytta is open year-round.  (In low season by appointment).

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