From the living area guests may observe all activities going on in the port, such as fishermen returning from a day at sea, pleasure-boats seeking a safe port for the night, children rowing traditional viking-boats or happy kayakers passing by! There is allways something to watch. The boathouse is cosy and warm and decorated with maritime elements reflecting the history of the property.

There are 2 double rooms with twinbeds in the house and these are located on the 1st floor. There is also a small guest-toilet on this floor for common use. Guests may book one or several rooms in the shared guesthouse.

On the ground floor with direct access to the key lies the living/kitchen-area where guests can prepare their meals in sweet harmony with the other guests of the house. The shared bathroom is also on this floor.

Dogs are permitted in The Molo Boathouse, given that they stay on the floor and spend the night in the room of their «parents»! The owners of Olsens Pensjonat follow the path of sustainable tourism and advise guests to spend at least 2 nights whilst at Veiholmen.

The place deserves this, in that a longer stay lends the opportunity of really getting the place under the skin, by taking part in activities such as a guided tour around the village, kayak between thousands of islands and islets, enjoy a sea-eagle safari or a visit to abandoned fishing-villages, row or sail a traditional viking-boat or visit the coastal culture-centre to admire maritime artifacts and learn about life out here on the oceanfront!

One can also choose to exercise the art of doing nothing at all!

The weather changes fast out here on the Atlantic edge and the variations in light-conditions give plenty of photo-opportunities of beautiful sunsets, stormy seas and even Northern Light in season!

Smøla lies between Trondheim and Kristiansund and is reachable by ferry, fastboats, bike, by car or bus!

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Olsens Pensjonat

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