We want to welcome you to enjoy "Stone age life". We offer food serving for groups. You can choose from different casseroles with game or pork, or perhaps an interesting dish of traditional farm food provided by Norsk Gardsmat. With help from the bonfire we will make the atmosphere just right.

A rock of 800 tons forms the ceiling of the cave. Most of the walls of the cave are made up of two other large rocks. Walls and stairs have been made of stone modelled after a copy of a stone age home. In the middle of the cave is a large spot for bonfires.

During the work in the cave some wood-remnants were discovered. After consulting with Bergen University Professor Atle Nesje, a sample was analyzed at a laboratory in the US. It appeared the tree was 5.940 years old. This tells us that the big scree came as an avalanche about 6.000 years ago. Vegetation that grew on the mountain slope came down with the rockfall. Some of the wood has been preserved, and has been lying in a dry spot in the stone age cave ever since.

For a reasonable price you can also spend the night in the cave. 25 beds.

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