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Kvitlen - the self-service cabin of the future!

The untraditional and future-oriented self-service cabin Kvitlen is described by Minister of Health Bent Høie as Norway's most beautiful cabin - take the trip and judge for yourself! The modern and innovative large living room absorbs the best from over 100 years of cabin construction under the auspices of the Stavanger Tourist Association. The result is a fantastic springboard in the middle of one of Rogaland's most beautiful hiking areas. Welcome to your new favorite cabin!


Total number of beds: 50

Number of beds available for booking under covid 19:19

Kvitlen is a self-catering cabin with food storage (provisions) and is available all year round. 

The cabin has 26 beds and 24 mattresses available on the loft. In other words, there is room for many here. But it rarely feels cramped as it consists of two insulated building bodies, connected by a hallway, so that smaller groups only need to heat a limited usable area and the opportunity to sit in smaller groups.

The cabin is located beautifully in the terrain, with panoramic views both across the valley and down to the tempting swimming pool just outside the window. The staircase itself is built like an amphitheater with magnificent nature in the middle. Here the coffee cup can be enjoyed.

The cabin is equipped with what you need for cooking and living: kitchen utensils, tableware, duvets and pillows. But you must have your own bedding set or sheet bag to sleep in. There is solar power (220v), gas, wood burning and candles. The guests arrange cooking, water collection, washing up, washing the floor, and otherwise cleaning the cabin inside and out.

The cabin is unlocked. For our self- and unattended cabins, you must pay extra for the use of fuel (NOK 5, - per kilo of firewood).

The cabin must now be booked in advance: Due to infection control measures, the cabin must be booked in advance. It is also important that you read this information before you go to the cabin. Day visits, tenting and use of toilets are not allowed for anyone other than those who live in the cabin.


  • 4389 Vikeså

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