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Flørli 4444 has four rental apartments, Flørli Historic Hostel and Special Rooms with shared facilities. All houses and most rooms have a fjord view.

The standard of the apartments is basic, but fully equipped and with a kitchen, bath and electricity. There is no television. There is excellent internet in the nearby Power Café, weak signal inside most apartments. From the living room you have a nice view of the fjord and the harbour 100m away. There are 3 bedrooms and 9 beds in each apartment.

Flørli Historic Hostel is a villa with 6 bedrooms and 20 beds. It was the guesthouse where prominent visitors of the power plant were hosted and it is still completely authentic: enter and enjoy living one hundred years ago! In the hostel you can book your own private two-, three- or four-person bedroom. Common areas and kitchen are shared with others.

If you book a Special Room, you get to choose between four simple rooms close by the fjord that use the charming School Pub as a common room. The rooms have all been completely refurbished in 2017. We especially recommend a romantic stay in Radioshed Mini-Suite

4x9 beds in apartments + 20 beds hostel + 11 beds Special Rooms. Total capacity 67 guests

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NOK 2.400


  • Flørli
  • 4128
  • Sandnes
902 65 133


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