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With us on Valsøya you can stay overnight in unique units. We have many opportunities to choose between. We have Olaushuset, which is a Trønderlån, moved to Valsøya by crane truck, has 8 unique units, with different numbers of beds. 

We also have Jordmorstua, which is located right on the water's edge with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and a porch. The Jordmorstua came to us on a raft many years ago. And then we have the fun pod houses. It is a luxury tent with bed, coffee machine and TV. And right down the hill is the sanitary building when you have to go to the toilet or take a shower. In the Landhuset you have a great view of the marina. There are 4 bedrooms, combined kitchen and living room and a nice porch. Leiligheta, which was our first rental unit, is located next to the restaurant in Saltrøfjøset and has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom and a combined kitchen and living room.

Tents, motorhomes and caravans 

On Hestholmen and along our beach we have great places for tents and hammocks. We now have just under 50 places for accommodation with a motorhome or caravan. Everyone has access to electricity. We have 2 sanitary buildings, one of which was completely renovated in the spring of 2020. The emptying station is located in the parking lot. 


We can offer a beautiful marina with 2 different guest piers that both have electricity and water. You can rent a boat and kayak from us as well.

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