The people that visit the valley are everything from campers, photographers, influencers and locals who use the valley in different ways. Due to the large traffic to the valley, there are some guidelines for you as a tourist and visitor in Lodalen.
We want the visitors to keep the valley clean and nice, stay away from the farmers crops, let the animals live their life undisturbed, and last but not least, maintain the privacy for the people living in the valley.
If you want to camp in Lodalen, there are a number of campsites, located different places in the valley. Many of these campsites have good conditions for tents, while others are making room for more spots for tents. In this way, the campsites can offer facilities similar to wild camping, and can avoid camping in unwanted areas of the valley. We encourage you to use these first, since not all of the places are suitable for wild camping in Lodalen.
If you still want to go wild camping in Lodalen, find the glaciercamp at Bødalseter, which is an area adapted for wild camping. It is important that those who camp here keep the area nice and leave it as you found it. The camp has good capacity for tents, there is a room that you can seek shelter in as well as some places indoors for accommodation. At the camp you find two toilets and a sink. There is no electricity here, but there is solar cell light. If you have garbage, you should take it down to Bødalen where you find a container to put it in. You can drink the water in the taps at the camp, or from the river which flows close by. Inside the camping area you will find benches and fireplaces, so it is important to close the gate to the area so that no animals come in.
There is no booking. For larger groups you should contact the camp before you arrive.
The right to roam
The right to roam gives you right of access to uncultivated land, irrespective of the landowner. Two terms that are often used in the connection with the public right of way are cultivated land and uncultivated land. Cultivated land includes areas such as farms, house sites and farmed land. Uncultivated land is forests, mountains, marshland and coastal areas. As long as you show consideration and don't leave your rubbish behind, the public right of way ensures that you have free access to nature. The basic rules are: Show consideration for nature, private property and other people. Do not cause any damage and leave nature as you would like to find it. You can pitch a tent or sleep under the stars anywhere in uncultivated land, as long as you are 150 metres from the closest house or cabin. If you are going to pitch a tent for more than two nights, you are obliged to ask the landowner's permission, apart from in the mountains or well away from residential areas.
There is plenty of room for everyone in Norwegian nature if we all show due consideration. Remember that:
- Motorised traffic is not permitted in uncultivated land.
- When you park your car, you must ensure that you do not block anyone else in. You must ensure that the parking does not violate traffic rules or local restrictions.
- Camping is not permitted at picnic areas along the road. They are only to be used for short stays.
- Deposit your waste in the nearest waste container – do not bury it or hide it under a stone. Always leave places as you would wish to find them.
Do not park near houses or cabins to prevent disturbing others. Do not camp less than 150 metres from houses or cabins. If you camp any closer, you must have the owner's permission. This also applies if you spend more than two days in the same place.

Parking in Lodalen
The road to Lodalen is narrow, and there is few places where it is possible to pass two vehicles at the same time. Therefore, there are a number of meeting places / extensions in the valley, which you can not use for parking. When people park at these meeting places on days of heavy traffic, it creates major traffic problems, and sometimes accidents. This is a problem we want to avoid, so please park at only parking areas.

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