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Håholmen is famous for exquisite food. The cooks use local ingredients and recipes and prepare the food from scratch. The fact that it's sea food that is served in an old fishing camp is hardly a surprise. The choice of wines is great and matches the menu.

Six distinctive serving halls provide a variety of options to choose from, depending on the number of people, the view, and whether the group wishes privacy.

Ytterbrygga (the Outer Pier), first floor is divided into two halls, with a sliding door in between. The total capacity is 120 people.

Ytterbrygga (the Outer Pier), second floor – The lounge – seats up to 50 dinner guests. The accompanying lounges stimulate good conversations after dinner.

Blåsalen (the Blue Hall) has a fantastic view overlooking the ocean and the sunset. Seats up to 80 people.

Rosasalen (the Pink Hall) is a snug and cosy dining hall with a historical atmosphere. Seats up to 40 people.

Sørnaustet (the Southern Boathouse) is situated on the cape, very close to the ocean. A fantastic venue for up to 50 people. On the evenings when the weather permits, the sunset can be enjoyed from the terrace.

Silver Bell Kro (Silver Bell Pub) is a rustic facility with coarse long tables and a historical atmosphere. It is often used for having lunch and finishing off pleasant evenings. Seats 100 people.


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  • Kårvåg
  • 6530 Averøy
71 51 72 50


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