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Bycycle, sleep in hammock and taste local food

Let us pamper you with all that our fantastic nature provides of bubbly drinks, pure local ingredients and experiences that bring your senses to life. Three providers who know the area well have put together an exciting ride along the coast of Nordmøre: a ready-made program covering 75 km and 3 days that allows for luxury time with your travel companions and impulsive whims along the way.

How to get here

The Kystekspressen catamaran takes you from Trondheim/Kristiansund to Kjørsvikbugen. The first stop is at the cidery Villeplet at Solbu apple farm, then you will be refreshed and recharged in a hammock at Tustna Ladestasjon, and, last but not least, you can enjoy the sun setting in the sea from the saltfish warehouse at the islet of Ringholmen

Season: June–September 2022.
Days & Duration: Tuesday afternoon until Friday or Thursday afternoon until Sunday.
Group size: 4–6 people


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