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The conference is organised in connection with the exhibition Ruth Asawa – Citizen of the Universe. The conference's goal is to shed light on the significance of art as part of the school curriculum. Why is it important? Can the artistic disciplines contribute to improving a pupil’s educational progression and result in the individual being better equipped to tackle future tasks and challenges? What is the status of the artistic disciplines in schools today? The conference will address these and other relevant questions in light of international research and with Ruth Asawa’s artistic practice as a backdrop and source of inspiration.

Ruth Asawa

Ruth Asawa (1926–2013) is considered one of Modernism’s most important innovators in the genre of sculpture. She is most well-known for her wire sculptures that hang from the ceiling and create installations in space. Today, her hanging wire sculptures are found in the largest museums in the USA. The exhibition is organised in collaboration with Modern Art Oxford and is the first museum exhibition of Asawa’s works in Europe. Asawa saw the value of exposing children to creative disciplines in school long before it was common to do so. She emphasised a close connection between art and life and devoted much of her career to teaching.

This focus on creative learning is part of the backstory for why, back in 2017, the Stavanger Art Museum started planning an exhibition of Asawa’s works.


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