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Aursjøvegen mountain road between Sunndalsøra and Eresfjord is about 100 km long. The road takes you from a deep fjord- to a high mountain terrain that is contrasting and beautiful. This is an experience that easily makes you hold your breath.

Follow the road up Finnsetlia, inwards towards the dam at Aursjøen (862 masl) and continue down through Torbudalen and Litldalen to Sunndalsøra. You will drive through noumerous of 180-degree hairpin turns. Close to the highest point of the road you will find potholes and a many hundred-meter-tall rock formation Aurstupet - Sunndal's answer to Trolltunga. The road, which was originally built as a construction road in 1947-50, offers many breath-taking nature experiences and this place is a good starting point for trips in the Eikesdalsfjellene and Dovre area.

Nature attractions in Aursjøveien

The rock formation Aurstaupet is situated only 400 meters from the road. It is easily found when following the signs by the road. Note that the parking place is small and it is important that you do not park the car too far out on the edge. In addition, park in a way that make space for meeting traffic and prevent traffic jams. A little further down in Finnsetlia you will find the Norwegian nature's own pothole. You are guaranteed a fresh experience if you choose to take a bath. The pothole is located about 100 meters from the road and there is a sign leading the way.

Marked hiking trails, viewpoints and picnic areas

In the areas along Aursjøvegen you will find many marked hiking trails, viewpoints and picnic areas. There are several mountain lakes suitable for fishing and canoeing. Aursjøhytta mountain lodge by Aursjødemningen is owned by Kristiansund and Nordmøre Trekking Association. The mountain lodge is serviced from June to September. The cabin also has its own self-catering section that is open all year.

If you want an extra challenge when crossing Aursjøveien, we recommend you to travel by bike. It is about 70 km from Eikesdalen to Sunndalsøra. We encourage you to have good light and and plenty of reflex on the bike through the special tunnel in Finnsetlia. In this tunnel the road goes in a circle inside the mountain and there are no light sources in the tunnel. The biking adventure is a real fitness test, while you also get a great nature experience.

Practical information and safety information

Aursjøvegen is an adventurous road and originally a construction road that runs through demanding mountain terrain. For your own safety, we therefore draw your attention to:

  • Aursjøvegen is a toll road that in 2024 will be open from June 1st.
  • The road remains open until the snow comes in October.
  • The stretch from Eikesdal to Aursjøhytta and up the hillside from Sunndalsøra through Litledalen can be experienced as a tough drive because the roads are narrow very hilly.
  • We do not recommend caravan or larger motorhome due to both narrow roads and winding tunnels.
  • There may be risk of landslides in certain places. The road may close in the event of rainfall and an unusually high risk of landslides.

We urge you to drive carefully and consider other road users that you meet during your journey. Take your time to fully experience the impressive nature and the culture history in the area.

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