Bike & Hike + Fishing at Bølifossen – the place referred to as "the Pearl in the Mørkrid valley". Come along on a tour through the enchanting natural- and cultural landscapes of the Mørkrid valley, one of the best ways to access Breheimen national park. The trip goes to a peaceful place named Bølifossen, which has great fishing opportunities. On the tour you will also learn about how the valley land was cultivated in the olden days and how it came to be a national park.

The tour starts in Skjolden and continues through the peaceful and lush Mørkrid valley, where only nine people live year-round today. Further in the valley, the guide will stop and tell, and show pictures from the valley's history.

The mountains come closer as one proceeds into the valley, and the river runs parallel to the road more often. You park the bikes and carry on towards Bølifossen by foot. On the way you will see some rapids and enjoy the beautiful views of the valley.

After approx. 1,5 hours of walking, you arrive at Bølifossen, and a beautiful and secluded landscape appears in front of you. You can choose to fish, explore the surrounding area, or relax and enjoy the nature at the camp.  

Difficulty:  Moderate/hard (requires good physical form)

Distance biking: In total approx. 16 km

Distance hiking:  In total approx. 5 km

Ascent: Approx. 370 masl.

Included in the tour:  Bicycle, helmet, local fishing license, fishing equipment and taste sample.

Duration: Approx. 6-6,5 hours

Customized tour on request. Prices:  Adults: 700,- NOK  Children: 450,- NOK More information: Contact or visit


You can also rent fishing equipment with us, and try your luck in the Sognefjord for free.


If you are looking for bigger fish, we would recommendyou try trout- and salmon fishing in the Fortun river. The fishing is more challenging and more expensive, but the reward could be even greater, with salmon and trout up to 15 kg!

We also sell local fishing licenses for zone 2 in Mørkrid valley, and convey license sale for the Fortun river.

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