Cycling into the Bondhusdalen valley is a trip in Folgefonna National Park. The trip starts at the car park in Bondhusdalen. This valley has attracted visitors for more than 100 years. There are good gravel roads from Sundal on the Maurangerfjord up to Bondhusvatnet lake, where you can enjoy views of Bondhusbrea glacier and the lake. Animals may be grazing along the road, so remember to shut gates! Further up the valley, the trail turns off towards the cabins Fonnabu and Folgefonna. This trail was formerly known as 'Keisarstien' (Emperor's path). See a separate description of this walk to Fonnabu. There are tables and benches by Bondhusvatnet lake, where you can stop for a bite to eat. A path continues along the lake to the furthermost end, which is called Vetledalen valley. From there, you look up to a glacier arm, which has receded considerably in recent years. The rich history of the Bondhusdalen valley and the tourists that flocked to the Folgefonna glacier in the late 1800s has been documented in several books. Today, Folgefonni Breførarlag guides tourists across Folgefonna from Fonnabu to Holmaskjer on the side of the glacier nearest Odda. You can walk up to Fonnabu without a glacier guide.


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