Brandsøyåsen (293 masl) is a popular hike and view point in Florø. From the top you can enjoy panoramic views of the fjords, mountains and islands surrounding the westernmost town in Norway. You can reach the top by foot or bike. Brandsøyåsen is the most popular hike in the county with more than 40.000 visitors a year. 

There are several trails to the top and there you can follow signposts from the town centre of Florø. It takes about 2 hours to walk from the centre of the town to the top of Brandsøyåsen. The tourist information office have maps and tour description. 

If you have a car or go by the local city bus, you can start from Torvmyrane, which is a 30-40 minute walk from to the top. From the east side of the mountain there is a paved road to the top. 

Don't forget to sign the book at the top! 


  • Krokavegen 41
  • 6900 Florø
+47 5774 3000

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