Runde Miljøsenter's own charter boat "Lophelia" (35 feet / 35 knots) takes up to 12 passengers.

On request, we pick up and bring visitors from Ålesund Airport Vigra and Ålesund center. Both tours take about 45 minutes. (NB: When picking up at the airport, add at Valderøy fast boat quay which can be reached by bus from the airport.)

"Lophelia" also offers guided tours to the bird mountain on Runde. A trip around the island gives a fantastic experience of life in the bird mountain. During the day, this is the absolute best way to see the puffin. Other species that are often seen include sea eagles, storks, cormorants, crutches, guillemots, seahorses and harbor seals.

One also passes the town where Rundeskatten was found by divers in 1972. The trip goes well both alone and in combination with transport to / from the island.

All boat trips must be arranged in advance, and is done with restraint about the weather.


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