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Join Coastal Adventures Stavanger for Amazing Experiences in the North Sea - Coasteering at Utstein Kloster Hotell or at Hummeren Hotell - Kayak rental or guided tours - SUP rental or guided tours - Hike with coffee by the bonfire - Wetsuit and snorkelling gear rental


Corporate Events, Kick- Off, Bachelors parties, Team Building, Birthday parties…

The activities take place in beautiful surroundings on the fascinating coast of the North Sea and Fjord Norway. Coastal Adventures Stavanger is located in Stavanger and Mosterøy.  Coasteering with certified guides Safe play along the coast, swim, jump of cliffs and get wet and learn about the ocean. Awsome fun for any age. You'll dress up in a neoprene wetsuit, shoes, gloves, cap, helmet and vest. And you get to play and explore both nature and your own comfort limits. Bring swimwear and towel. Kayak tours Rent sea kayaks or "sit-on-top" with or without a guide. Join Coastal Adventure for an amazing tour in the historical Archipelago or the open Sea. SUP tour, Surfing lessons or MEGA SUP events

We can give you SUP intro or Surfing lessons with our ISA certified guides or arrange an awsome competition with a family board!


Sauna Experience with a real Finnish Sauna Elf

You can choose from electric sauna by the sea front in Mosterøy or a Floating Boat Sauna with wooden stove and also available for the hardcore sauna enthusiasts a mobile tent Sauna to be accompanied with you surfing session if You whish!

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  • Utstein Kloster Hotell, Mosterøyveien 661
  • 4156 MOSTERØY
+47 90361656

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