Experience everything the fjords have to offer in an exciting, up-close and personal tour aboard our high-performance, high-speed RIB.  Tours visit the main attractions, including historic mountain farms, famous waterfalls as Syv Søstre (the Seven Sisters) and Friaren (The Wooer).  Taste the fresh water from melting glaciers in the Geirangerfjord! The RIB (rigid-inflatable boat) has a two person crew, driver and guide.  Our expert guides will share the history of the mountain farms and the people who lived there.  Hear true stories about these hard working men and women, told to us by some of the last people living there, mixed with local knowledge and some superstition. The tour starts from the Hellesylt Marina and is about 90 minutes, depending on your destination. Includes safety gear and weatherproof suits. 


  • Bonseye Excursions, Ljøvegen 429
  • 6218 HELLESYLT
+47 47 96 30 91

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