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The Glamping tent is surrounded by some of Norway's most spectacular mountains, the emerald green and crystal clear waters of the Rauma river flowing past at an arm's distance, only separated by a few meters of wonderful sandy beach! We are of course talking about Soggebru Camping, the classic place that has attracted mountains and river lovers for a long time. After lodging in the glamping tent (the living room is probably the right name here), we offer a short evening walk in the mountains that gives you a view right into ledgendary Trollveggen.

After the first night and breakfast in our glamping tent equipped with a double bed from Wonderland, we take a longer mountain hike where you will be in the middle of rock formations you will not find anywhere else in Norway.

Then we change it up with SUP paddling on a calm, slow-flowing river, before we catch up again and climb the Romsdalstigen Via Ferrata  to end it all with a night swim in the sea from our own secret place we just share with you.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Wo ist Glamping and experience the highlights of the unique Romsdals nature in 1 day?