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Join a guided kayak tour with Norway AdvenTURes to Grotlesanden. Paddle between islets, skerries, fishing houses and the azure blue ocean, and experience the spectacular coastal nature. The destination of the tour is the beautiful sand beach Grotlesanden. The tour lets you experience the costal landscape from your kayak. Enjoy the fresh sea breeze, the azure blue water, the white sandy beach and the tall cliffs. The tour beging in Ytre Bremanger (outer Bremanger) from Iglandsvik Marina. You will paddle between the colourful fishing houses "rorbu", fishing boats, and into ocean gap. The water is crystal clear and creates a beautiful contrast to the white sand from the small beaches among the islets and skerries. Be amazed by the kelp forest underneath the kayak. The guide will also share their knowledge about the nature in the island paradise. You may even want to go for a swim in the refreshing water once you arrive at Norway's most beautiful sandy beach Grotlesanden. The guided tour to Grotlesanden is an easy trip that suits both adults and children, and there is no requirements of prior kayaking experience. Before departure, the guide will teach you about techniques and security, and will make sure that your experience is both fun and safe. Norway AdvenTURes seeks to make sure that everyone (including the next generations) can enjoy the nature, and this entails working to avoid trash and litter in the ocean area. If there is enough time and people want to join, the tour can make a stop to do a beach clean-up and gather plastic and trash. The trash will be delivered to a designated area after the tour.



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