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The hike&climb takes about 7-9 hours. The route is around 11 km long and 1100 altitude meters starting from Melbøsætra in Barstadvika. Not only do you get to experience standing on a pinnacle far above Hjørundfjorden, but you also get a panoramic view and hike through of the beautiful Molladalen, which according to our climbing guide; Norway's answer to a mini Chamonix.

The climbing instructor will guide you up to Bladet through Molladalen and Mohn's saddle. The climb on Bladet is about 15 meters high, and has a climbing degree of 4(YDS5.6). The climb itself is technically simple, but can for many feel challenging due to its exposure. During the climb, you are secured on top rope, and this is the safest way to experience the needle of Sunnmørsalpane.

Departures every Monday Juli-August. Can be arranged for private groups on request on other days.

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  • Coop Barstadvika
  • 6174 Barstadvika


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