For most people, the summits of Moldhesten and Ormakammen and the plane crash monument are natural objectives for a day's walk. We particularly recommend the walk to Moldhesten and Ormakammen (556 m) via Krogavatnet lake and Vassbotn. A waymarked trail takes you through open moorland in which you can find various kinds of heather, bear berries, alpine bear berries, blueberries and northern bilberry side by side. The two tops command a panoramic view of the Ryfylke basin and the high summits of inland Ryfylke. 

The trip up to the summit where the plane crash monument stands is not waymarked, but the path is good and clear. Waymarked trail to Moldhesten/Ormakammen ca. 2–3 hours. Unmarked trail to the monument, but good path. 1 hour round trip.

There are several walks available from the car-park: trails to Lauvåsen, Svoa, Jarven and further towards Hjelmeland. All the hikes offer varied scenery, and for such a low-lying region the area feels surprisingly like the high plateau of Norway. 


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