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Facts and history

Huldefossen has a high drop at 92 m, and is one the most photographed waterfalls in Fjord Norway, also mentioned in foreign travel agencies. Throughout the summer peope visit the waterfall daily to experience the strong waterwaves.

In old days this waterfall was named Huldrefossen, but it was a misunderstanding. Because people associated the name with
natural mysticism and Huldra - a beautiful mythological creature with long hair wearing a red dress! While the farmers who lived nearby the waterfall always also the river name Hulda and not Huldra. The name Huldefossen was taken up again by the Huldefossen landowner association in the 1980s, and is now in general use.

Safety at the waterfall

Please respect the natural forces. There are slippery rocks and strong forces beneath the waterfall. Stick to the main path. In the winter there is ice around the waterfall, and at spring the water level is high.


Huldefossen is located at Mo, by E39, about 10 km from Førde.There is signs into the parking lot. It is about 500 meters to walk across a wooden bridge and up along the river. The waterfall has about 90 meter long fall, and is one of the most photographed waterfalls in Fjord Norway.


  • 6800 FØRDE
+47 57 61 19 51



Wo ist Huldefossen - Waterfall?