The starting point is the Dalane region's unique geology and the region's perennial mining operations. The Science Museum aims to evoke interest in science among children and young people. The visitors will gain knowledge about geology, natural science, technology and the cultural history of Dalane and Jøssingfjord, with a focus on quarries. Jøssingfjord Science Museum will be a meeting place for the professional environment, business and tourism. The museum will continue to document within the various subject areas and create an environment for visiting researchers and students.

The museum partially opens in the summer months of July and August, with an open cafe, museum shop, the Altmark documentary and tours around the building. Jøssingfjord Science Museum plans to open all exhibitions towards the end of 2023.

A narrow fjord with a wide significance

The Dalane region has a characteristic landscape and is part of the Magma UNESCO Global Geopark. The narrow mountains between Egersund and Flekkefjord consist of a rare rock type called anorthosite. The unique geology has prompted wonder and interest for several hundred years. Because of its geology, the area has seen early settlement and provided the opportunity to economically exploit the minerals in the bedrock.

Jøssingfjord Science Museum is located in the middle of this exciting landscape, in the historic industrial area of the mining company Titania. This provides an important connection to modern mining operations. The Nedre Helleren power station from 1908 becomes part of the science museum.

Helleren with its iconic houses testifies that people have lived and exploited the resources in the fjord for thousands of years. Over 30,000 people visit the unique houses under the natural mountain roof every year.

Jøssingfjord Science Museum will be an important centre for communicating the region's cultural and natural history. Jøssingfjord and the mining industry provide an illustration of how Norwegian mining has always had an international dimension. Rogaland is the largest county in Norway within the mining industry and it is important to take care of this history.

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