The 4 stages are the core of the Kjeringi Open
1st stage.

From Kjeringi (1314 masl à to Damefall (515 masl) - approx. 8 km. From joint start to change from mountain skiing to cross-country skiing.

2nd stage.

From Damefall (515 masl) à to Kleppa (413 masl) - or where the snow line stops for cross-country skiing). About. 4 km classic cross-country skiing before changing / changing to sneakers.

3rd stage

From Kleppa (413 masl) à to the children's school (100 masl) Approx. 4 km running on the way down to the school where you change / change to mountain bike

Stage 4

From Barneskulen (100 masl) to Hanahaug (4 masl). About 8 km mountain biking on the road and through orchards and to the finish area down by the fjord.


  • Kleppa
  • 6863 Leikanger

Wo ist Kjeringi Open, Leikanger?