Follow road 70 from Sunndalsøra towards Oppdal for about 15 km. 3.5 km after the tunnel on Grøa you see a sign pointing out the route on your right hand. 
A few meters further along the main road there is a parking lot on the right side.

Kongelhjellan is a nice point of view in Sunndalsfjella. 

Kongelhjellan has probably its name from dialect words kongel for barkongle or kongro for spider. In local dialect the word "kongle"  is also a verb. When you "kongle-tå bera" it means you pick berries in clusters, instead of picking one by one.

The entire route runs through woodland. It is an easy walk with good trail and ends at the mailbox and views of Flatvad and down Sunndalen. This is a typical nice afternoon, which follows a ridge along the mountainside. Well up there are good views of the imposing Hoåsnebba. 

The trip can be extended, but contact some locals for directions first!


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Wo ist Kongelhjellan i Sunndal?