The bike route from Lurastø is relatively easy, it partly follows the shoreline, and partly it goes through forest, green areas and parks. It is a peaceful and safe alternative to Gamleveien, west of the railroad tracks. There are variations in the surroundings along the route. For kids, perhaps the highlight is to bike through the short, slightly narrow tunnel under the railroad tracks, after about one kilometer of cycling. To enjoy the nature to the fullest, the route is suggested through narrow hiking paths in Forusskogen (forest) and passing Forus boat harbour. Several open and nice areas for picnics and playing.  Start: Intersection at Bjørkeveien/Gamleveien, around 300 meter north of Somaneset, Sandnes. Stop: Gausel station, Nedre Gauselvågen. Challenges: None. Car traffic: Free of cars with the exception of some traffic along Nedre Gauselvågen and Slettestrandveien, around 0,5 km in total. Bike type: All types. Special considerations: Some of the paths are pretty narrow, so be aware of hikers and joggers. This route is part of a series of green bike routes by Syklistenes Landsforening, close to the city, stress free bike routes in the largest cities of Norway. Find the rest of the routes on Syklistenes Landsforening's website.


  • Lurastø
  • 4315 SANDNES

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