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The festival is organized every year in July on the 29th week of the year, and we have a close relationship with several other festivals both nationally and internationally.

During 6 hectic days in week 29, the festival is host to about 120 concerts. We sell approx. 22,000 tickets and are visited by around 500 artists, 600 volunteer worker lends us a helping hand and more than 60,000 people visit Molde during the festival week.

Apart from the artistic, we take care of several business areas related to festival sales and restaurant activities, sponsorship work and more.

In addition to the festival itself, we also offer year-around jazz concerts in collaboration with Storyville Jazz Club in Molde. In 2012, we moved into the Plassen, a cultural building in the centre of Molde, together with Storyville Jazz Club, Teatret Vårt, Molde Library, the Bjørnson Festival and Møre and Romsdal Art Center. Plassen is a cultural melting pot of sorts, and has between 500–600 events in a year!

We are also a certified Environmental Organization.

Tickets and products are available online.

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