An easy bike ride, almost flat and with no car traffic, in an area with forest, wetland, grass fields and birdlife.  Start/stop: Mosvatnet is situated around two km. west of the city centre. You can start and stop wherever you like around the lake, i.e. at Madlaveien, Henrik Ibsens gate, Ullandhaugsveien or Nordahl Griegs vei.  Challenges: None. Car traffic: None. Bike type: All types. Special considerations: Walking path in frequent use by hikers and joggers. Please show consideration.  Mosvatnet lake is situated centrally in Stavanger, and the path around the lake is used by many people. The bike ride is easy, almost completely flat and with no car traffic. The surroundings are varied, with forest, wetland, grass fields and birdlife. There are several picnic areas around the lake, an art musem and a cafe on the west side of the lake. Along the bike path on the northside of the lake, there is a small reparing station with some tools and a bike pump. From Mosvatnet, you are near the green route towards Tungenes lighthouse as well as close to the ride via Ullandhaug and Hafrsfjord.  This route is part of a series of green bike routes by Syklistenes Landsforening, close to the city, stress free bike routes in the largest cities of Norway. Find the rest of the routes on Syklistenes Landsforening's website.


  • Mosvatnet
  • 4021 STAVANGER

Wo ist Mosvatnet lake bike tour?