One of the magic ski touring mountains in Romsdal. Fantastic views, and fun skiing in great terrain at Bøstølen. Heading down from summit you will experience breathtaking descents.

Tour info:

Leave the car at the parking area at Hersla (toll road - pay with card only). The road is normally open to all weekends during winter. Follow prepared trails in the first part of the leg.   After a short distance along the river, cross the bridge to the right, and then turn left up to Bøstølen. A small hillside up to the Bøstølen. Follow the trails a short distance past Bøstølen, towards Litlevatnet, before starting the ascent up the hillside to the right. It is important not to turn up to the right too early, due to the risk of avalanches from the steep hillside above Bøstølen. Approach the mountain from the back. From here it is common to follow the ridge leading up to Nonstind. Follow the ridge to the top of Nonstind, stick slightly to the left just before the top to avoid danger. Watch out for snowdrifts. Down again, it is common to follow botnen which offers many opportunities for great off piste skiing.


  • 6320 ISFJORDEN
70 23 88 00


  • Winter
  • Frühlingszeit

Wo ist Nonstinden (1573 M.ü.S.)?